Hello, I'm a long time user and fan of iReal Pro. I'm running Mac OS 10.13.6 and I was happily running 2020.7.1 (200712).

This afternoon I opened a file for editing and the editor control window was mysteriously light text on a light background similar to what was described in https://www.irealb.com/forums/showth...in-new-version. I checked the hints about accessibility settings with no change.

Since nothing I tried helped, I decided to try the latest version 2021.1 (210103). iReal Pro seems to work fine and I see some new features but, the backgrounds of the library and the control and editing panes are all white or very light grey. At least the text is black so it's legible. It's just much too bright!

I noticed there is a new preference for Theme in the General category which I suspect might be related to the problem. It says System and is not selectable. I'm guessing it's for newer versions of the OS. I have an older Mac with the older version so I'm still in business but I'd really like to get iReal working properly again on my main computer.