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Thread: Mac Update VS 2020.12 New Drum Break?

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    Default Mac Update VS 2020.12 New Drum Break?

    The notes download from the App store os v 2020.12, note that inserting the work 'Break', into the staff text will result in a drum break.
    I'm having trouble making work. When adding Break where the Chord name would go results in a message saying the 'Break', is not recognized. Any help on this would be appreciated - Many thanks.

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    Try typing Break using text (just like Fine, Coda, or 3x etc.)

    For a full tacet, also use N.C..

    Break is in text beneath the staff, N.C. is in place of the chord. A double-bar restarts the drums, a chord symbol restarts the instruments. N.C. works per beat, break works per measure.


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