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Thread: Collaboration recording, on-line rehearsals

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    Default Collaboration recording, on-line rehearsals

    Recording collaborations
    Others are collaborating remotely, where normally they might be in a studio recording their parts. A reference track is used while recording locally, then the recorded file is sent in high quality to the mix engineer.

    On-line rehearsals
    Many musicians are wanting to rehearse in real time with each other over multiple internet connections. This is quite limited because of latency (see below for explanation).

    Related thread:
    Teaching on-line with audio apps including iReal Pro

    It takes time for audio to travel through internet from one location through to all others connected to the same session. This means on-line rehearsals can be difficult because the audio from each musician needs to be in sync with all others as it arrives to each of the other musicians individually.

    Some references to explain:

    This one is a few years old, so the technology (internet speed for instance) is now faster but it explains the problems:

    Music related rehearsal information:

    Recording collaborations
    There are a few DAWs providing recording collaboration features, for example:


    Steinberg VST Connect, VST Transmit

    iReal Pro information:
    The audio of a song in iReal Pro can be exported (shared) and used in a track in these or similar apps. For best quality, export the .wav file but if it is simply a reference template track, the .aac file would be adequate and can easily be emailed because of its smaller size. (Perhaps use a cloud shared folder for .wav)

    You can mute all but one of the instruments in the iReal Pro mixer, export, then expose the next instrument, export and so on, so you can line them up as individual tracks in your DAW for better mixing possibilities (or replacing specific instruments). (And) or export the midi file (some like to use drum loops to replace the iReal Pro drums).

    (Note: each rendering or play of a song in iReal Pro is slightly randomized because of the variation in voicings, rhythms, syncopation etc. so each play of any instrument will be different each time the Play button is pressed or the midi file is exported.)


    Various apps (we have not tested them but they seem to be mentioned in various forums)

    Added Dec 2020


    Roland Streaming switchers

    Elgato provides their Streamdeck products used in gaming and video purposes. You can use them to switch cameras, audio streams etc.

    Audio routing, merge, aggregates here:

    Please feel free to contribute your setup or recording and collaboration processes here.

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    Default Jamulus

    Jamming with Jamulus is taking off and all participants having iRealPro with the standard songs preloaded makes virtual playing together fun.
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    Musicking with JackTrip, JamKazam, and SoundJack - Presentations

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    From another user reported to us as feedback:
    I am currently running iReal Pro into one channel of my Motu 4 interface into my Mac Air running Jamkazam premium.
    Depending on who I’m playing with I mute the appropriate tracks. I’m a Jazz pianist -organist so I always mute the piano. So far I’ve gotten a good response from other musicians. The problem with JK is latency and using the IReal Pro tends to lock everybody in.


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