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Thread: Amie - Craig Fuller

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    Default Amie - Craig Fuller

    I fixed this chart that I found elsewhere on irp. Think I got it right. Was a favorite of mine back in The day

    Amie - Pure Prairie League

    - Pure Prairie League
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    I did it again!!! Lost a whole bunch of explaining. F%^* I'll try again...

    This is an updated version of Amie. I am trying to add a return at the end first to the top of C, but still don't understand how to use DC Al coda etc, which I think applies here - before I head towards the coda section and end. There's still not quite enough room to do a proper version, but this is darn close.

    If you are familiar with this tune, you might be able to see what I am trying to do. Advice/help needed, though this is a pretty workable version.

    Frustrated in El Sobrante

    Amie - Pure Prairie League

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    For a jazz guy... You'd think I'd be able to figure this out. This is the latest and most complete version. There's still a little more I'd like to do with it, but from the only version I had found earlier here, this is definitely an excellent version I think. Enjoy.

    Amie - Pure Prairie League

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    Is this the circulation you wanted?

    In, ABC, reprise the 1st 4 bars of the A, begin again at A. Jump to coda as indicated the final time.

    Amie (Pure Prairie League) - Craig Fuller

    For some musicians, charts are easier to follow when fully written out like your last one. (space permitting)

    "Fine" indicates the conclusion of the repeating form.
    Read about DC,DS, and Segno here:


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