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Thread: Noord-Brabant Real Book songs (Dutch Jazz)

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    Default Noord-Brabant Real Book songs (Dutch Jazz)

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    Doka Bonga nbrb - Niko Langenhuijsen

    Lead sheet available at weblink in preceding post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzwerkplaats View Post
    How can we add our whole playlist (24 compositions) on the forum so that we can share it with other Dutch users with just one link?
    Make a playlist of your iReal pro charts and post it here.

    Follow instructions found here:
    Helpful information:

    Please review the guidelines for posting charts:


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    Default (Update) Real Book Noord Brabant Edition

    Real Book Noord Brabant (Jazzwerkplaats) (26)

    Individual songs:
    Analog Delay - Pieter Bast
    Bird Watcher, The - Jacob Bedaux
    Blue Is All That's Left Of Me - Eric Van Der Westen
    Brad's Feast - Angelo Verploegen
    Change Of Sides - Laetitia Van Krieken
    Doka Bonga - Niko Langenhuijsen
    Element Dm - Carlo De Wijs
    For The Time Being - Angelo Verploegen
    Go Well My Friend - Eric van der Westen
    House Of Silence - Pieter Bast
    I Know How - Ron Wilson
    If All The Griefs I Am To Have - Sanne Rambags
    In Between Worlds - Jacob Bedaux
    Jheronimuse - Jeroen Doomernik
    Kerrara - Vincent Houdijk
    La Meuse - Laetitia Van Krieken
    Laura - Edward Capel
    Lex - Eric Vloeimans
    Morning Song - Michiel Stekelenburg
    Respiration - Jeroen Doomernik
    Soul ‘Afrique - Paul Van Kemenade
    To Louis - Eric Vloeimans
    Waarom - Bart Van Dongen
    Who Is In Charge? - Paul Van Kemenade
    Wind Whispers Maria, The - Hein Van De Geyn - Paulien Van Schaik
    Moonshine Song - Vincent Houdijk
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