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Thread: On-line teaching, collaboration (Zoom etc.)

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    Post On-line teaching, collaboration (Zoom etc.)

    Please feel free to contribute your setups, apps and experiences for others here in this thread.
    From our users we have had information about these apps which might be useful depending on the audio setup you have.
    (We have no affiliation with these companies.)

    Video conferencing software include:
    Microsoft Teams
    Google Hangouts
    Apple FaceTime

    General information about setting up:
    Some random links (which may get broken at some later date but you can search otherwise):

    Audio Routing (Mac)
    Apple: Combine audio interfaces (Aggregate device):

    Apple: Play audio though multiple audio devices at once


    Ginger Audio GroundControl (Virtual Audio Driver)

    Switching devices, buttons, controllers for multiple audio or video inputs:
    You can create your own icons and map key commands for the various buttons for your specific needs.
    For example, dedicate a button for muting your microphone, or switching cameras, or microphones, or specifying which screen to broadcast

    ICON audio
    Various products related to live streaming, devices with buttons to control streaming, recording surfaces

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    Here's an excellent discussion of latency and an app that seems interesting: SoundJack


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    Quote Originally Posted by pdxdjazz View Post
    Here's an excellent discussion of latency and an app that seems interesting: SoundJack
    Thanks Bob!
    We are preparing a separate thread on latency (more related to real time recording), hopefully posting it soon so we can link to that from here


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