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Thread: How to loop? (On PC)

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    Default How to loop? (On PC)

    Quote Originally Posted by dflat View Post
    (in the Mac OSX forum) You are using the chorus repeat number (for the entire song.) A loop (as we define it) is usually a smaller portion of the song (although you could loop the entire song.)
    Click-drag from the first measure to the last measure you want to loop (could be as small as two measures.) The Play button will turn into a loop button - click it to start play.
    I am using the Android emulator on Windows. The click-drag action does not seem to work for making a loop. In fact, all it does is set the player to the next song in the list. For example, if I am playing "All the things you are", click-drag sets the next song to "All or nothing at all".

    Is there another way to make a short loop?


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    Quote Originally Posted by cpscofield View Post
    I am using the Android emulator on Windows....
    Is there another way to make a short loop?
    see Useful Tips, hopefully this works for you


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