Thanks for posting <insert song title>. I am having a challenge with the verses however. Everything is perfect with the first verse, but the 2nd & 3rd verse lyrics are twice as long. I suppose I could change this by redoing the whole song front to back using the 96 measure format. Is this my only option?

It depends on what the user (in this case YOU) want from your chart.

Some use iRp as a "karaoke” app. It's important to them that the chart (as played by the player) *exactly* follows the arrangement as played on the recording they want to cover. They are VERY adamant about “correctness”.

Me? Not so much.

I believe *most* iRp users are just looking for the CHORDS to the song so they can use the player feature to practice soloing over the changes.

Others may be looking a general “road-map” to follow at a jam session. Musicians (if they have ears and pay attention) should be able to adjust to variations in the number and placement of verses and choruses when they play with others.

I look at a chart for general info on the song's form.
I want to know instantly ... should I expect AABA, ABC, or AB. Is there something "tricky" like a stop (tacet) or instrumental interlude between verses?
What about an expected intro or ending?

Mostly, I just want the "bones”. I'll take care of the rest.

While it won’t make the player work "correctly", if you feel the need, you can use some text instructions. Like “1st time AB then AAB”, or “2nd time play twice” or “3rd time replay intro here”.

In a perfect world, all charts would be easy to read, easy to follow and play exactly as desired in the player. I always work towards that, but hey....

It ain't sheet music....