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Thread: help with repeat from top?

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    IN AABC will repeat per the player repeat setting (2x)
    At the end of the final form repeat, it takes the coda (added at the end)

    Meet Me At The Silver Dollar 3 - Michel Neray-Joanna Butler

    It would have been helpful if you had mentioned in our earlier discussion that the C-section is repeated at the end...

    That's why when describing a song's form it's best to use rehearsal marks, to avoid confusion.

    (IN AABC) 2x, Coda (Coda=C+2 bars of D)

    The text menu for commonly used instructions is displayed with the down arrow at the end of the text field


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    ahhhhhh it was the repeat i was missing in the settings, not the notation!!! Thank you. It was still missing the chorus repeat at the end so i added that within the CODA. This plays correctly. So if i show it to an experienced musician, will he/she understand what i am looking for?

    Meet Me At The Silver Dollar v1-1 - Michel Neray-Joanna Butler

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    The A.C. is confusing (even if you meant D.C. (Da Capo) (to the start). (I wouldn’t use it)
    Since the final section is marked with the coda-sign it should be clear that it is only played once at the very end.

    Labeling the coda with the C rehearsal mark is unnecessary and confusing and might cause someone to accidentally include it in the form. (I’d remove the mark)

    Since there's room on the chart, I might consider adding a second blue down-arrow to the coda to further separate it from the repeating form.

    Learning to write easy to follow charts that also work correctly in the player is a process. You are off to a good start.

    Worth a read:

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    Thank you. It is a process. and showing up at jazz jams without charts when everyone else is a musicians who has played professionally for 50 years, is embarrassing. I am committed to getting the hang of this! Thanks again!

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    Meet Me At The Silver Dollar v1-1 - Michel Neray-Joanna Butler

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    Same chart you posted already. Did you mean to post an edited version?

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    I removed the D.C. and added the second blue arrow down as you had suggested... (but forgot to change the version number in the name)

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    Cool. Donít worry about impressing the "I can play faster than you can" cats at your local cutting session. They werenít born with the skills, others have helped them along their path. Playin' music is supposed to be fun. Play with folks that "get" it.


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