The Jazz 1350 as well as the other "main" playlists
are intended as a "quick-start" way for new users to populate their app's library with some charts for well known tunes just to get started. These playlists are NOT intended to be inclusive or exhaustive.

Many, many more charts and versions can be easily found by browsing or searching.
Other useful playlists can be found posted in "sticky" threads at the beginning of each Forum.

When charts are posted according to the guidelines
in individual song discussion threads, the chart, along with any alternate versions and related discussion, will remain available for download by others.
As soon as the search engine web-crawlers have done their thing, new charts can be easily searched and located.

Just like a fake-book publisher decides which tunes to include in a particular edition, admin decides which tunes (and versions) to include in the quick-start playlists.

There are so many more tunes shared in the Forums that aren’t included in the "quick-start" playlists and we welcome your additions in the Forums.

We're all in this together.
Thanks for sharing your charts