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Thread: 3x 4 bar repeated "tag" ending... HELP!!!!

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    Default 3x 4 bar repeated "tag" ending... HELP!!!!

    Hello! I have actually taken the time to master editing the intros I want but am finding it is doing my head in trying to get a 3 repeats of the last four bars at the end of a song!
    I am a vocalist and need it for the likes of Making Whopee, As time goes by, My Ship etc. I was wondering if any on could show me an example of such a lead sheet (the song doesn’t matter) that I could replicate. Thanks!!!

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    Here is an example of an ending "tag".

    By repeating the (added) coda twice, on the final time you will get three repeats of the final four bars.
    (Once in the last A and two more in the coda)

    For more repeats, you could add 3x (or 4x etc) using text under the final coda bar.

    Makin' Whoopee (tag Ending) - Donaldson, Kahn (1928)

    For more discussion, search "tag" , select the magnifying glass at the top right of a forum page.

    More info: using the coda


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    Thank you so much!

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