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Thread: Bug report for 7+ chord quality

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    Default Bug report for 7+ chord quality

    I'm not sure the correct place to report bugs, so thought I would start here.

    I have been decoding and analysing the charts in Jazz1350, and have discovered the following buglet in iReal Pro:

    The 7+ chord quality, e.g. E7+, Bb7+, etc., is not recognised by the chart formatter, but IS recognised by the accompaniment generator.

    There are examples in the following songs:
    • Miles Ahead
    • Someday (You'll be Sorry)
    • When You're Smilin'

    The accompaniment does not complain, and plays it correctly with a #5, but in the editor, the 7+ is shown in blue, indicating it isn't recognised, and it is displayed in a slightly different font as a result.

    In addition, in the decoded chart format, the chord is shown as (for example) E*7+* which indicates it does not understand the chord quality (even though the player plays it).

    The only other instance I found of an unrecognised chord quality is in the tune "Crosscurrent", which has a "C7us" [sic] as a typo instead of "C7sus". Although in this case, it doesn't affect playback, as it is in an alternate chord.
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    Hello Tony, this is largely undocumented, yes you can use 7+. (I think this happens with using "maj" and "dim" also instead of their symbols). I seem to remember we originally did not allow these equivalent chords but we found some users putting them in then wondering why they did not work, so we added in a few, but yes, it still shows as not recognised, although plays.
    As you know there are a number of ways (perhaps too many ways) for chord symbols to be written. We may change this in the future so they show as being recognised. As it is, it encourages consistency with iReal Pro charts, and beginners do not have multiple symbols meaning the same thing.
    You will understand why "dim" (and "maj") is not used commonly, as they take up too much space.

    We will fix Crosscurrent, thank you.


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