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Thread: Sharing Playlist?

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    Default Sharing Playlist?

    I have a gig coming up and the singer is trying to share her playlist—she is having trouble. She says " I'm on my iPhone and no matter what I do there is no sign of tempos when I share my setlist."
    I've asked her to send me the list so I can see what's going on, but surely whatever you edit should be able to be sent, no?

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    There are FOUR different ways to share your gig list.

    1. ireal pro format
    Use this to send your playlist via email or post in a shared cloud account (like Dropbox)
    Bandmates can open the playlist (charts) file in their iRp app.

    2. Post to Forums
    Use this to post your playlist in your own sandbox thread. Other band member’s can download the playlist charts to their iRp app from there. I often do this.

    3. PDF
    this generates a PDF format "book" of all the charts in your playlist. Unless the author included a tempo on the chart in text there will be no tempo info. These PDF files cannot be opened or played using the iRp app. They are "read-only".
    This PDF file can be emailed or placed in a cloud account. The PDF option is most often used to share printable charts with someone who doesn’t have the iRp app.

    4. Setlist
    A list of song titles, composer and keys. No tempos. No charts.

    Easiest is ask your singer to post the playlist (not setlist) in the sandbox. (#2 above)

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