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Thread: Jazzinmind charts

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    Default Jazzinmind charts

    Iím posting all of the new and or updated charts for the tunes we look at in the Jazz Vocal Repertoire Hang directed by Marianne Solivan
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    Your attempt to post a song chart/playlist was not successful.


    Thanks for sharing your charts


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    Corrected Youíre Nearer
    You're Nearer - Lorenz Hart Richard Rogers

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    Blue by Gildo Mohones
    Blue (Lambert Hendricks Ross) - Goldo Mohones

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    Kiss & Run by Sam Coslow
    Kiss And Run - Sam Coslow

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    You Hit The Spot by Mack Gordon
    You Hit The Spot - Mack Gordon

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    Too Much In Love To Care
    Too Much In Love To Care - James Kriegsmann Carroll Coates

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    If You Go by Michel Emer
    If You Go - Michel Emer

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    Funny, Not Much
    Funny, Not Much - H. Prince, B Merrill, P. Broughton, M. Neil

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    My Gentleman Friend
    My Gentleman Friend - Arnold Horwitt Richard Lewine

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