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    Question Pageflip bluetooth pedal

    How can I connect my Pageflip bluetooth pedal to iReal?
    According to the manual of the pedal, and to another post on this forum, it should be possible, but in my iReal I only see a possibility to connect an Airturn pedal. The Pageflip even doesnít show when iReal is searching for devices. (Bluetooth is on, and Iím able to connect my pedal to use other apps like Forscore.)

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    We are currently investigating a problem with v2020.3 which might affect what you are trying to do.
    According to what I can find on the Pageflip website, there are different modes the pedals can be switched to depending on the key commands you want it to send.
    Try arrows (left, right). This can be used for previous and next page and simply mimics the two arrow keys from a bluetooth keyboard. Airturn off. (The problem we are investigating is, if you turn Airturn off, then you need to force quit the app then open it again for the arrows to work).

    If you want to use the pedals for next song and play/stop, then try Airturn on and set the actions in More>Airturn settings to Play/stop for left arrow (Ped 2) and Next for right arrow (Ped 4) (or whatever you need).

    We have not tested Pageflip to be able to help you but hopefully this information will help.

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    Thanks for your help!
    As you suggested: I had to quit the app and open it again, and now it works!

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