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Thread: Blues gigs with iReal pro tracks?

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    Default Blues gigs with iReal pro tracks?

    Hi real proís , thanks for letting me on this site . Iíve not yet purchased irealpro but very close .
    Iím wondering if anyone is gigging with the pro & the blues collection of tunes?
    Iíve always been a blues player & no band @ present. Thinking half serious of maybe doin something on my own .Im 77 yrs old so donít have lots of time to throw a band together or do the rehearsal thing .
    Possibly could do something with this backup band , rehearse & play .
    Whoever is doin something , Iíd like a reply & any info you can give .
    Thanks Budd

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    Works great. Little bit of practice to understand how the player works. Bluetooth or cable from the earphone jack into a small amp (or pa) for audio. Bob's your uncle.


    Blues Styles Samples

    What are you waiting for? Time's a'wastin'!
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