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Thread: Automatically STOP problem

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    Default Automatically STOP problem

    I always use iReal Pro(iPhone, iPad, Mac) for practice.
    On every device, the song often automatically stop (in many cases during counts).
    I think some bugs in iReal Pro...
    I've been waiting to fixed ver.

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    Hello, is it just the same song that stops?
    We have had no reports of this happening in general on either iOS devices or Mac.
    Please make sure you have up to date versions of iReal Pro from the Mac App Store and iOS app stores.
    You can always do a backup and download a fresh copy from the App Store (use the same Apple account as you used to purchase it, so the download is free), import your songs again from the backup file then test again.
    If you have further problems please contact us directly using the Help page.

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    Hi dflat,
    It happens to me too. In iReal for mac.
    I think it happens around 10% of the times... It starts an then it stops... sometimes during count, and sometimes in the second or third measure.
    I think it happens since the last 2 updates.
    I haven't reported it because I thought it was a known bug and it doesn't bother me too much because I use iReal only for private practice, but I can imagine that it can be VERY annoying for someone who use it for performing.

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    Could anyone having these problems please contact us directly (via the built-in Help, Contact us) so we can investigate. We would need to know the device, computer model and OS version, and the version of iReal Pro that does this.
    Sorry for the problems.
    Thank you.


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