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Thread: Separate "Song Requests" Section

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    Default Separate "Song Requests" Section

    Hello, today I went to the iRealPro forums and wanted to see if I could quickly scroll through a list of posts and fulfill any song requests. I realized that's not entirely easy to do because song requests are mixed in with app feature requests. Searching the forums using Google doesn't help either. Also, not all the song requests have the "Request" tag. So here is my "request": create a separate folder/subforum for strictly song requests. This way, anyone can quickly look through the list and hopefully knock out a few of them. Please share your thoughts. Thanks!

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    Very good idea but obviously fallen on stony ground

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    Considered and rejected.

    Here are some of the reasons:

    After there are a large number of posts in that thread, searching would be a problem and scrolling a chore.
    How many times has a search result linked you to page #xx in Jazz or a really long thread like Gypsy Jazz?
    When folks post and accurately follow these instructions,
    new "ask" threads are eventually included in search results as a separate thread-link easily identified by the correct song-thread title format which is different from other search results that simply include the "R"-word.

    Song Title - Composer Name(s) (Request)

    Also when someone about to post a title they’re looking for follows the instructions and actually searches first, they often discover the tune is already posted. If there was a separate thread like you suggest, there would likely be a ton of posts looking for existing songs.

    If there were a thread like you propose, where would folks post their helpful charts? Most likely not in their own song-thread per posted guidelines,
    Who would clean that up?

    What if someone posts a chart without checking the "ask" thread? (Or even if they did...)
    What would happen to the "ask" post? How would others know it had been answered?
    By following the instructions and also subscribing to that individual song-request thread, posters can learn of answers.

    Thanks for being willing to help

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    Hi Bob, thanks for your response. I re-read my request and I can see that I made a small wording error in trying to describe what I was originally intending.

    "and wanted to see if I could quickly scroll through a list of posts and fulfill any song requests,"

    by "posts" I meant "threads". I do not support having many song request posts bunched up in one single thread, that wouldn't make sense. The nature of the original request was the creation of a forum section to strictly hold song request "threads."

    For example, under Discussions, we would have the already existing "Feature Requests", then the proposed "Song Requests", and then the "iReal Pro for iPhone, iPad", etc sections. The Song Requests section would hold only song request threads, which would be moved from the "Feature Requests" section. I hope you can re-evaluate the idea with the provided clarification.


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    [I] wanted to see if I could quickly scroll through a list of posts and fulfill any song requests
    You can do that now. Just search "(Request)”.

    Only select the results that are properly formatted [Title - Composer (Request)], reply with your helpful chart directly to that thread. Done.

    As soon as google algorithms catch up and update the search results, the already fulfilled requests will stop showing up in the search results.

    Thanks again for helping

    Here's a page of search results (only the 2nd item isn’t a song request) easy-peasy.....
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