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Thread: How do edit the end of a chart?

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    Default How do edit the end of a chart?

    If I add on to a song the editor refuses to scroll down and let me edit what I added. This is crazy.

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    Currently, all iRp charts (that can play with the player) are single page.
    There is a limit to how many spaces are on a page. How many measures can fit on a page depends on how many spaces are used in each measure

    For help with your chart, post it (even if you need to use two pages).

    Number of measures:


    13th system?

    By using S and N in the editor (small/normal) chords can be made more readable in crowded measures. Remember, each N or S applies to all subsequent chords in the chart. When you use S to make a couple of adjacent chords fit better, please use N on the next chord to reset the rest of the chart
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    Tnx - that info was helpful - using the S and squeezing things together worked.

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