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Thread: Independent control of the mixer

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    Default Independent control of the mixer

    Could it be possible to adjust the volume of instruments independently between styles?
    When I lower the volume of an instrument for a particular style, it's affecting all the other styles a well.
    Because volume for each instrument are inconsistent between styles, it's important to be able adjust it independently.
    For ex, the keyboard volume is much lower in the blues styles than in the pop soul style. If I raise it in the blues style, it will be too loud for the pop soul style. Having to adjust volume back and forth every time when switching styles is quite annoying!

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    Found this (your) Q when I searched for "Keyboard volume in Blues styles". No answer to your Q - ? In the Blues styles (during playback), if I set the # of repeats to 3, I'm getting very low volume on all the keyboard sounds on the 1st & 3rd times thru, but a sudden increase in volume on the 2nd time thru. What's up w/ that? Are you getting this?

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    Good ears!
    Upon close listening, it appears to me that for some (not all) blues styles the mix is slightly different for the initial & final repeats compared to the player repeats in between. I suspect that is to make tracks more live band-ish like the other variations in playback.

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    This is inconsistent - I'm having this occur (p 1st & 3rd x's, f 2nd x) on the Chicago Shuffle style. The Piano sound is very quiet in some Blues styles, esp. the slower ones, or if Piano is not the default keyboard sound in that style. In most of the faster styles (faster tempo set by default), the Piano sound is nice & strong. Just wish it was consistent. I like the Leslie Organ sound a lot for many of the Blues styles, but I would like the option to use the Piano sound w/o worrying whether it'll be heard.

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    That's kinda what I thought - to enable singing on the 1st & last verses, then wild (!) soloing on the middle verses...I haven't set any of them to 14 x's thru to see what happens, just working today on a couple of quick 3 x's thru audio practice tracks for one of my students. BTW, iReal is AWESOME for teaching the Blues to this eager 12 yr. old student, who can already improv on the piano, but wants to learn to play the Blues on the guitar. Thx!


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