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Thread: The Dis-Advantages of You - Mitch Leigh (Request)

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    Default The Dis-Advantages of You - Mitch Leigh (Request)

    I heard this song the other day and it brought back a lot of memories. The Brass Ring was a band made of session musicians led by virtuoso saxophonist Phil Bodner. The song has the Mariachi tempo similar to Herb Alpert. You old timers will recognize it as the song from the Benson and Hedges cigarette TV commercials of the 1960ís.

    Does anyone have the chords for this song? Now that I canít get it out of my head I want to play it on my guitar.

    "The Dis-Advantages of You"
    Performed by The Brass Ring
    Composed by Mitch Leigh
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    Please review this helpful info:


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