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Thread: Chord-by-chord mode?

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    Default Chord-by-chord mode?

    I've been working on patterns and arpeggios using the loop function, and it works decently well. But it's a little unweildy for how I'm using it. You can't loop a single measure, and you're tied to the metronome. Meaning you have to turn it super slow to work out fast passages.

    I had the idea for a mode that plays a chord once (out of time) then waits for input (maybe from a bluetooth pedal or keyboard arrow keys) Then you can hit Previous, Replay, or Next.

    Use Cases:

    1. Solo practice/Composition: It would be super good for trying out phrases over changes and quickly going back and forth between chords exactly when you need it to change. Your reset loop could be really fast if you're not at a stage where you need to worry about rhythm.

    2. Ear training: Play the chord, slowly walk through a bebop line listening to how the melody interacts, then tap next on your foot pedal right when you hit the next bar to hear the resolution. No extra hands needed for the piano and you can take it at your own pace.

    3. Performance: Play ballads with rubato!

    Just a thought! I haven't seen anything like this out there.

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    There is a little interaction if you use a bluetooth pedal (for iReal Pro iOS), where you can select for one pedal to be pause/play.
    If 40 BPM is too fast, you could share the audio then import it into a transcribing app, where you can slow it down further, or export midi into a DAW and use its tempo for slower than 40 BPM.

    Some use the Playback style Jazz - Long notes, where a single chord is played (no rhythm) for each chord.

    For rubato, share the midi file to a DAW then use the tempo track to change as you require.

    Thank you for your thoughts and adding them here for consideration as we develop iReal Pro further.


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