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Thread: How do you bookmark a thread?

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    Default How do you bookmark a thread?

    How do I I copy a thread URL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lsiden View Post
    How do I I copy a thread URL?
    Exactly how to bookmark a thread depends on which device you use and how you view the forums (in browser or through the app)

    The TITLE of the thread (in the forums menu or at the top of the thread) is a link that can be copied (NOT highlight/copy which only shares text) ... in the ipad, long-press/copy. In android I think you need to view the forums in your browser. long press lets you copy link location (for sharing in a post or email). While viewing the thread, there's an icon (arrow or three dots) top right corner of the screen that will let you "add to home screen".

    To set a bookmark (or add a home screen shortcut) I think it's easiest to do that when viewing the forums in your browser. (Safari, Chrome etc.)

    For example, you can bookmark or make a note of your sandbox thread for your SANDBOX posts instead of starting additional new Sandbox threads.

    Did I mention it may be easier to add a bookmark while viewing the forums using your browser instead of through the app?
    I added a shortcut to my sandbox thread on my home screen.

    Easier for you, all your sandbox stuff is in one place.
    Just one link to give to others for personal chart-sharing.

    Remember, from time to time admin may delete sandbox posts.
    Use personal email, Dropbox, Drive, cloud, etc. to archive your iRp files and backup(s).

    Because older sandbox threads may be purged, don't rely on the sandbox to add new charts to the forums database. Instead, post individual charts you want to share in the forums' database in the main forums.

    Thanks for sharing your charts
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