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Thread: Ran out of bars - is there a limit?

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    Default Ran out of bars - is there a limit?

    I wanted to create a long chart for "Carioca" but when I got to the third section, I find I can't add any more bars. Is there only 32 bars max available to create charts?

    Using version 4.0.4 (515) of b on iPhone 3 ver. 4.3.5 (8L1)

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    Is there a limit?

    It seems that the max number of systems (lines) available are 12. You can only use 9 systems (lines) without the font size becoming automatically reduced.
    There are 16 available spaces in each system (line) and with the addition of bar-lines, each space can be a complete measure (but with only one chord)
    There are a number of songs I have added that I use 2 spaces per measure (8 bars per line x 9 lines = 72 bars) On lengthy arrangements, I add additional pages (each page is added like a new song)
    Hope that's helpful,
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    You will probably work out why there is a limit to the number of measures... it will get very small on a phone-sized screen otherwise. For some songs you can use repeats, DC and DS.

    Information here:
    under Player.
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    I can have 12 staves... Is that normal or weird?
    Plus, one time I imported a song and it had 3 extra measures at the bottom which were uneditable (hou could see them by dragging screen upwards, but couldn't edit them because the cursor wouldn't go so far), and you could barely see them sticking up from the bottom of the screen.
    I got rid of them by deleting the preceding measures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalokagathon View Post
    I can have 12 staves... Is that normal or weird?
    Plus, one time I imported a song and it had 3 extra measures at the bottom which were uneditable ...
    12 systems is the maximum. Some long songs need it.

    Not sure abut those extra measures you mention. Do you have the original? Yes the best way would have been to do what you did to resolve it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dflat View Post
    12 systems is the maximum. Some long songs need it.

    Not sure abut those extra measures you mention. Do you have the original?
    No, not anymore, and I don't remember what chart it was...

    And yes, I know about the 12 - I was mentioning it because pdxjazz was saying 11...

    A propos: iRealb is really nice, because it handles unorthodox situations well, I think: I put 12 staves in a chart, then lowered two of them to separate the sections. It displays them perfectly! (although to edit I have to move by cursor because I can't tap on the last line).
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    Default 13th system workaround

    I read somewhere—perhaps in an online manual—that you can get only up to 12 lines (systems) of chords in iReal Pro. Maybe some of you are already aware of this, but I stumbled on a way to get a 13th line if you need it. And I can't say that I notice any difference in readability between a 13-line score or a 12-line score, even with lyrics.

    I had to trick it a bit to get that 13th line. I "cut" out the 4th line of my 12-line tune. (The 4th line is exactly like the 2nd, so I knew I could replace it easily.) Cutting out line four left only 11 lines, ending with what really is line 12 of my arrangement of the tune. I added the 13th line (with lyrics under it) as line 12, then went back up and copied line two and pasted it in as line four again. This gave me a 13-line tune. To my eye, it looks the same as a 12-liner—I have to count the lines to see the difference. And I even have one line dropped-down a click; the line with the 1st and 2nd Ending boxes.

    It looks fine, saves fine, and plays fine in either portrait or landscape mode, so . . . why not try it, if you need 13 lines.

    JFTHOI, I tried adding a 14th line. It let me do that, but as soon as I played it back the 14th line disappeared permanently.

    Attached is the 13-line tune I made, without the lyrics except for the title. (You can't copyright a title.)

    C'est Si Bon - Henri Betti Bb André Hornez (1947)

    More discussion:

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    Sometimes you have to decide between a crowded, single-page chart for the player feature or having easily readable multi-page chart(s) for the performer.

    Because this wonderful app is designed for a single-page cell phone platform, there will be some limitations.
    If you are composing a lengthy symphony, iReal Pro is probably not your first choice.
    The app was designed to DISPLAY the changes to a song on a single page on a small screen. A PERFECT portable, in your pocket, transposing fakebook.
    If you're looking to handle long, complex arrangements on a single page, in iReal Pro, it's a challenge.

    The wonderful player feature was initially intended as a PRACTICE tool. Because of the great work by the developer, some find the player useful in performance.

    To address the issue: How many measures are possible?, if there's only one chord in a measure, only ONE space is required for that bar. Just add a bar-line on each side of that space. So, it's often quite possible to squeeeeeze lots more measures into your chart. Your chart may be ugly, impossible for a performer to easily read and have tiny chords that overlap, but will play just fine by the iRp player feature. Sometimes you just gotta choose what you really need.

    The user may need to choose between having a readable chart, or the player track that works a certain way. For instance, you can force the player to accent off-beats by switching back and forth between time signatures but that can make the chart very difficult to read on the fly.
    More on Half-beats:

    Likewise, you can make the player follow a complex form by writing it all out, but then you must condense the lengthy chart (by shortening measures) to make it fit the small screen, single page format of this wonderful app which makes it hard (or impossible) for the performer to read.

    You can choose to have a lengthy, but easy for the performer to read and play chart by writing it all out, start to finish, top to bottom over multiple pages. Then during performance, simply swipe page to page. I do this for long choral arrangements with various D.S.'s and key changes.
    Make sure you title each chart (page) in a way that will make sense to you.
    Title xyz p1, Title xyz p2, etc.

    You can still use the player feature to practice a part of the arrangement on a single page, but to play the whole song's track, you'd need to export the tracks to a DAW or sequencer, splice them together and play them with an external device.

    Hopefully, in the process of adding more and more layers of features to be all things for all users, iReal Pro won't loose track of the elegant ease and simplicity that was the original hallmark of these incredible apps.


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    Hi, how does one add a second page? Could not figure it out. Advise appreciated. Thx

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    Quote Originally Posted by helmutguitar View Post
    Hi, how does one add a second page? Could not figure it out. Advise appreciated. Thx

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