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Thread: Modern Patterns & Warm-ups for Jazz - Part Deux - Richie Vitale (book)

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    Default "A Melodic Minor Exercise" by Richie Vitale

    This is Part 2 of looking into a Nicholas Payton solo on Herbie Hancock's tune "One Finger Snap". It inspired me to make a melodic minor exercise.

    Here's a link to the Art Farmer Lesson on the Melodic Minor:

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    Default "Blowing Over an Altered Blues" by Richie Vitale

    Here I explain how to approach an "altered" blues, which has different chord changes than the "normal" blues changes. It's a fun set of chords to play over and the song "Cookin," features Clifford Brown in some beautiful playing over Lou Donaldson's recording!

    Backing track done in iRealPro!!!!!
    Cooking Blues - Lou Donaldson

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    Pentatonic Patterns in Soloing by Richie Vitale

    Here I am showing the use of pentatonic patterns in soloing, using Chick Corea's song "Chick's Tune" with free PDF's included in my patreon link below!!!

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