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Thread: Problem with Count In delay

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    Default Problem with Count In delay

    I’m running on an iPad Pro with iOS 13.2.2 and using the latest iReal version 2019.7. Since the last update my count in has a delay after the last beat of the count in. This is problematic since it doesn’t count you in properly. If you need to play lead in notes you’ll be off by about a beat. There’s also a snare sound on beat one of the count in, and I have click only selected. Anyone else seeing this issue?
    I tried posting on the support site but it never acknowledged that it submitted.

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    I found the issue to the Count in Delay. Any time my bluetooth earbuds are connected this will happen. I have a bluetooth air pedal as well but having that connected or disconnected either with the earbud or without, makes no difference. Only when the Go Groove bluetooth earbud is installed does this happen.
    I removed the earbuds from the bluetooth settings in the iPad and then resynced the earbuds again to see if that would help, but didn't.

    So there appears to be a bug in the software whenever a bluetooth earbud is attached it causes these strange Count In issues.
    I wonder if anyone sees this with other bluetooth earbuds?

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