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Thread: Petimar charts

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    Fiddle (186)

    Individual songs:
    8th Of January (Battle of New Orleans), The - Traditional
    Acorn Hill Breakdown - Tommy Jackson
    Amanda's Reel - Kenny Smith
    Angeline The Baker - Traditional
    Arkansas Traveler - Traditional
    Arkansas Traveler (Texas Style) - Traditional
    Ash Grove - Traditional
    Ashland Breakdown - Bill Monroe
    Ashokan Farewell - Jay Ungar
    Back Up And Push - Traditional
    Beaumont Rag - Unknown Composer
    Big Mon - Bill Monroe
    Big Sandy River - Bill Monroe
    Big Sciota - Traditional
    Bill Cheatum - Traditional
    Bill Cheatum Texas - Traditional
    Billy In The Lowground - Traditional
    Billy In The Lowground Texas - Traditional
    Bitter Creek - Traditional
    Black Mountain Rag - Traditional
    Blackberry Blossom - Traditional
    Blue Again - Johnny Gimble
    Bluegrass In The Backwoods - Kenny Baker
    Boil The Cabbage Down - Traditional
    Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine - Traditional
    Bonaparte's Retreat - Traditional
    Bonnie Kate - Traditional
    Bonnie Kate Texas - Traditional
    Booth Shot Lincoln - Unknown Composer
    Boston Boy - Bill Monroe
    Boys of Blue Hill - Traditional Scots
    Brilliancy - Traditional
    Buffalo Gals - Traditional
    Bully Of The Town - Unknown
    Bus Stop Reel - Traditional
    Casey Jones (Fiddle Tune) - Traditional
    Cattle In The Cane - Traditional
    Cherokee Shuffle - Tommy Jackson
    Chestnut Waltz - Randy Howard
    Chinese Breakdown - Traditional
    Chinquapin - Traditional
    Cindy - Traditional
    Cluck Old Hen - Unknown Composer
    Cold Frosty Morning - Traditional
    Colored Aristocracy - Traditional
    Cotton Patch Rag - Traditional
    Cotton Patch Rag Texas - Traditional
    Crazy Creek Major - Tommy Jackson
    Crazy Creek Minor - Tommy Jackson
    Cripple Creek - Traditional
    Cripple Creek Texas - Traditional
    Crossin The Cumberlands - Bill Monroe
    Cuckoo's Nest - Traditional
    Dailey's Reel - Traditional
    Dancing Bear - Traditional
    Denver Belle - Kenny Baker
    Devil's Dream - Traditional
    Dill Pickle Rag P - Charles L Johnson
    Dixie Hoedown - Jesse McReynolds
    Don't Let Your Deal Go Down - Traditional
    Drowsy Maggie - Traditional
    Drunken Billygoat - Traditional
    Dubuque - Traditional
    Ducks On The Millpond - Traditional
    Durang's Hornpipe - Traditional
    Dusty Miller - Traditional
    East Tennessee Blues - Traditional
    Evit Gabriel - Daniel Thonon
    Farewell Blues - NORK
    Fiddler's Dream - Traditional
    Finnish Schottische - Traditional
    Fire On The Mountain - Traditional
    Fisher's Hornpipe - J. Fisher
    Flop Eared Mule - Unknown Composer
    Florida Blues - Arthur Smith
    Flowers of Edinburgh - Unknown Composer
    Forked Deer - Traditional
    Gardenia Waltz - Johnny Gimble
    Gary Owen - Traditional
    Girl I Left Behind Me - Traditional
    Goin' Places - Eddie Lang - Joe Venuti
    Gold Rush - Bill Monroe
    Golden Slippers - Traditional
    Goodbye Liza Jane - Traditional
    Granny Will Your Dog Bite - Traditional
    Granny Will Your Dog Bite (Alt. Version) - Traditional
    Grey Eagle (Alt. Version) - Traditional
    Guilderoy - Traditional Celtic
    Huckleberry Hornpipe - Byron Berline
    Itzbin Reel - John Reischman
    Jack of Diamonds (Rye Whiskey) - Traditional
    Jerusalem Ridge - Bill Monroe
    June Apple - Bill Keith
    Kaisers Waltz - Traditional
    Kathleen's Waltz - Randy Howard
    Katy Hill - Traditional
    Kentucky Waltz - Bill Monroe
    Kitchen Girl - Traditional
    La Zenda Waltz - Traditional
    Ladies Fancy - Traditional
    Leather Britches - Traditional
    Liberty - Traditional
    Limerock - Traditional
    Little Betty Brown P - Traditional
    Little Bit Of Swing - Herman Johnson
    Lonesome Fiddle Blues - Vassar Clements
    Lonesome Moonlight Waltz - Bill Monroe
    Lorena - Webster - Webster
    Midnight On The Water - Luke Thomasson
    Miss McCleod's Reel - Traditional
    Mississippi Sawyer - Traditional
    Monroe's Hornpipe - Bill Monroe
    Montgomery Bell - Aubrey Haynie
    Mouth of the Tobique - Traditional
    Nellie Grey - Traditional
    New Bicycle Hornpipe - Norman Blake
    New Broom - Traditional
    Off To California - Traditional
    Oh Suzanna - Traditional
    Old Dangerfield (Daingerfield) - Bill Monroe
    Old Grey Cat - Traditional
    Old Joe Clark - Traditional
    Old Molly Hare - Traditional
    Old Mountaineer, The - Bill Monroe
    Old Tennessee River - Bill Monroe
    Our Waltz - Randy Howard
    Over The Waterfall - Traditional
    Paddy On The Turnpike - Traditional
    Panhandle Country - Bill Monroe
    Peacock Rag - Traditional
    Pig Ankle Rag - Traditional
    Planxty George Brabazon - Traditional
    President Garfield - Traditional
    Prince William - Traditional
    Queen Of The West - Traditional
    Reefer's Hornpipe - Traditional
    Rickett's Hornpipe - Traditional
    Roanoke - Bill Monroe
    Roxanna - Bill Monroe
    Run Johnny Run - Traditional
    Rye Straw - Traditional
    Sail Away Ladies - Traditional
    Sailor's Hornpipe - Traditional
    Saint Anne's Reel - Traditional
    Sally Ann - Traditional
    Sally Goodin' (Alt. Version) - Traditional
    Sally Johnson - Traditional
    Sam's Tune - Kenny Baker
    Seneca Square Dance - Traditional
    Sibaeg Simor - O'Carolyn
    Snowflake Reel - Traditional
    Snowshoes - Traditional
    Soldier's Joy - Traditional
    Soppin The Gravy (Alt. Version) - Traditional
    Soppin' the Gravy - Traditional
    Spider Bit The Baby - Traditional
    Spotted Pony - Traditional
    St Anne's Reel - Traditional
    Star Of The County Down - Traditional
    Staten Island Hornpipe - Traditional
    Stone's Rag - Traditional
    Stoney Creek - Traditional
    Stoney Lonesome - Bill Monroe
    Stoney Point - Traditional
    Sugar Tree Stomp - Arthur Smith
    Swallowtail Jig - Traditional
    Swingin' On A Gate - Traditional British
    Tennessee Wagonner - Traditional
    Tennessee Waltz 1 - Traditional
    Texas Breakdown Template - Traditional
    Texas Gales - Traditional
    Tom & Jerry - Traditional
    Trafalgar Hornpipe - Traditional
    Turkey In The Straw - Traditional
    Twinkle Little Star - Traditional
    Velvets Waltz - Dale Morris
    Victoria Hornpipe - Traditional
    Whiskey Before Breakfast - Traditional
    Widow's Creek - Traditional
    Wild Rose Of The Mountain - Traditional Irish
    Wind That Shakes The Barley - Traditional
    Woodchoppers Reel - Traditional
    Durhams Bull (Reel) - Durham
    Uncle Joe - Traditional
    Miller's Reel - Traditional
    High Dad In The Morning - ?

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    When possible, please remember to include correct composer information on charts posted in the forums.

    Though some call it "traditional", others attribute High Dad In The Morning to Homer Dillard SR.

    "High Dad in the Morning"
    performed by Dillard-Hartford-Dillard
    Composed by Homer Dillard, SR.

    "High Dad in the Morning"
    Performed by David Grier / Tim O'Brien / Dirk Powell
    Composed by Homer Dillard, SR.
    Your other "unknown composer" tunes are most likely Traditional.

    A user can search their song libraries by composer. If they search for "traditional", the "unknown" tunes will be missed.

    Thanks for sharing your charts


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