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Thread: Larger double dots on “repeat brackets”

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    Default Larger double dots on “repeat brackets”

    The repeat brackets are often difficult too see as the dots are small and tight against the bracket. When looking away and quickly returning to the chart, it can be easily overlooked.
    Slightly larger dots would be great.

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    I know that I’ve mistakenly blown past a repeat bracket a time or two. Once I even added REPEAT in text on one particularly troublesome chart. (I still managed to miss it)

    Larger dots on repeat brackets might be helpful.

    Have you tried the highlight rehearsal marks setting? That also affects the repeat brackets.


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    Default Repeat Bars w/more visual presence

    The current Repeat Bars |: :| are sometimes difficult to see when quickly reading a chart.
    Having them stand out a bit more would be great.
    Maybe a color (that doesnt pop too much, just enough) or making the length longer/etc.
    I know about "highlight rehearsal symbols", but to me that stands out too much and I feel distracted.
    Just an idea.
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    Thanks for your suggestion.
    I prefer “night mode” (black background) most all the time. (Except in direct sun)
    When I highlight rehearsal marks in night mode and reduce screen brightness, the repeat bars etc. almost disappear. The chords are still legible.
    Until your requested feature is implemented, you could experiment….

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    Maybe a double barline with two dots would be more clear such as ||: :||


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