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Thread: Updates Wipe out My Playlists

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    Default Updates Wipe out My Playlists

    I updated iRealPro the other day from the Mac store. When I launch the program, all of my stuff is gone.

    This has happened before. I saw another post that said to check for files in the following directory:

    The file with the actual songs is here:
    ~/Library/Containers/com.massimobiolcati.irealbookmac/Data/Library/Application Support/iReal b/UserSongs.plist

    and the file with the playlists is here:

    Restore those two files.


    When I check those directories, my files are there. So why can't iRealPro load them? Why do updates wind up with a "blank" window in the songs and playlists?

    I'm trying to restore from iCloud, but I may have to go to another device and export the files.

    Thanks in advance


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    In case you have empty windows, try this solution first:

    In case it didn't work, please email us directly at
    Thank you!

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    I Have OS High Sierra 10.13.6 . Any issues with updating to 8.3.2 ?
    Don't post a playlist as the songs in a Realbook if the changes aren't from the book.
    If you do transcribe changes from a book put it in the title RB1, RB2, GGB, Sher, etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobsax View Post
    I Have OS High Sierra 10.13.6 . Any issues with updating to 8.3.2 ?
    Bob, not that we are aware of, but we recommend doing a backup first to be safe.
    You will find information on how to do one in the Help menu of iReal Pro but you have probably done them before (Prefs>Utilities>Backup or in the iReal Pro menu).
    You should be able to update to the latest version currently v2019.6 (Mac).

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