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Thread: Help with first composed song (ABABBCABC)

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    Default Help with first composed song (ABABBCABC)

    Hi all,

    I am trying to input a band song and get it to play correctly. It has A & B sections and a bridge (C). I'm trying to get it to an order of ABABBCABC. I have the B section repeating 4 times as desired. At the very end of the song (after the last C section) we just play one last Cm bar to finish the song in the right key signature.

    Here is what I have so far:
    HydroFare01 - Hydronauts

    This just goes through A-B-C as many times as I select. How can I get the order I desire?



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    I was hoping some experienced users might offer you suggestions.

    See if this info may help


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    Hi Bob. Thanks for that link. I do want to be able to print out a chart for playing live. I also have bene trying to talk my bandmates into all getting this app so we can pass complete projects around to play & edit as we develop a song. If it's not possible to set this up to benefit both purposes then I can make it longer to play what I want and still be readable. Not sure if you looked at it but I put the ABC progression at the bottom to show the order to play, then we can refer to the sections by eye as they are now. I thought it would be great if I could create the ABC sections then use the ABC markers on the page and have the app play them according to how they are shown there. I guess that is not possible.

    Any other suggestions?



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    HydroFare01 1 - Hydronauts

    The player feature won’t understand multiple DC/DS instructions but your musicians might.
    I read it, first time DC to the top and play AB again. Then DS to B for BC, then after the C, DC to the top for ABC, coda...done.

    Your charts will be neater if you start them with a built_in template.

    This chart should work in the player and play your form top to bottom.

    HydroFare01 2 - Hydronauts

    You decide which is easier to read on stage...
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    Hey Bob, this is fantastic. Thank you so much! It plays great. This will really help me going forward. Going to study up on the templates and the format for future songs.

    Thanks again!


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    When sharing songs of your own composition in the main song forums, please include a link to either an audio file or YouTube so your original chart will have context.
    Thanks for sharing


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