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Thread: "User Style" somehow added in Editor Pane

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    Default "User Style" somehow added in Editor Pane


    First post here btw.

    So something weird is happening on my iReal Pro Mac app.
    Latest version of iReal Pro.
    Still running Mojave on my Mac.

    When I put a song in Edit Mode and go to the Style Selector flip menu in the Editor Pane to the right of the chord entry area, there is a Style in there called "Am7b5".
    I don't know how it got there but I must have typed "Am7b5" and it somehow went to the wrong text entering focus and somehow got saved as a Style in the app.
    When I select the "Am7b5" Style, Save the song and start playback, it sounds to me just like the Med Swing Style.

    When the app is in Play Mode and I look through the Style Selector flip menus on that page, the style called "Am7b5" is nowhere to be found.

    So how do I delete that style from the Editor's Style Selector?

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    The styles listing in the style menu in edit mode are a list of all style names used in song INFO for each song. It is a smart list.
    You would have at least one song with this style name (set in its INFO). All you have to do is find that song, then Edit>info>change the style name to something else, either from any other style in that list or type in a custom style name.
    The reason it plays medium swing, is that it cannot match up the style name with any existing style.

    To find the errant song, sort your Styles column, it should list at the top in letter A "Am7..."


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