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Thread: including Blues - Slo-Mo in the editor's style menu

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    Default including Blues - Slo-Mo in the editor's style menu

    Hi all,
    I am creating a minor blues track, which I then export into Ableton Live 10 suite. However I have to be careful that the editing does not overwrite the Mo - Slo- Blues setting. This choice is not available in the style list when opening the edit dropdown. It caught me out a bit until I understood what happens... I have to force a save in the Mo slo style by adding a chord, then save then delete the unwanted chord and resave. I feel that if the style was available in the editing drop down list it would then not overwrite the Mo Slo Blues style (which is a purchased style in case readers don't see it in their style choices.

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    If the style you want to set is not in the dropdown menu in Edit>Info, then there is no other song using this style. You would be able to check this if you sort the Style column (Click on the word Style at the top of the Style column). The styles listed here is a smart list of each style (as set in INFO) of every song.
    After you have entered the Mo-Slo style for a song in its info, and saved it, it should then list in the Styles column and also now list in the styles dropdown menu.
    Please use the hyphen between Mo and Slo, when typing in Mo-Slo, otherwise it cannot find nor set the actual playback style (from the bottom menu) to the style. After you click Save, in the editor options window (bottom right) you should see the song now set for that playback style at the bottom menu.

    Does this help you understand what is happening?

    After you have at least one song with this style (set in info), you will see it in the dropdown menu to choose from for subsequent songs.

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    Thank you so much for talking the time to reply, I didn't realise that I could add/create the entry in the styles list I thought that it was a list automatically generated by the styles that I had installed. I have followed your instructions and looked at the recent list file in the library via the "last edited" filter which had Blues in the style column, editing that file and substituting the Blues - Mo-Slo means that I can now add it via the drop down. I used to design databases and naturally I assumed that the style list would self generate. But thank you happily sorted now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CliffordPendragon View Post
    ... and naturally I assumed that the style list would self generate
    Yes it does, but from the text in the styles field used in each song's info settings (not from the playback styles available in the player engine).
    (Some users like to use a band name or other information in Styles instead so it acts as a custom search field).
    Glad you have it now working.


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