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    Hi there, I have a few Charlie Puth songs that I thought I would share. His stuff can be so rich and jazzy.

    Songs that I have transcribed myself :

    Boy - Charlie Puth

    Change - Charlie Puth

    Full Of It - Charlie Puth

    LA Girls - Charlie Puth

    Songs that I have written down into the app (without doing a full analysis) :

    I Won't Tell A Soul - Charlie Puth

    Marvin Gaye - Charlie Puth (Jazz Arrangement)

    One Call Away - Charlie Puth

    Through It All (Page 1) - Charlie Puth
    Through It All (Page 2) - Charlie Puth

    NB : I mainly notate my charts in a "lead sheet" form, without considering the playback feature. So for some charts you will have to adjust it the way you want it in order to get the correct backing track.


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    One Call Away - Charlie Puth

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    Mother - Charlie Puth

    His new song just came out and I got hooked right away !

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    Cheating On You - Charlie Puth

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