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Thread: dominant 7th alt chord in "GLOSSARY - iReal Pro" thread

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    Default dominant 7th alt chord in "GLOSSARY - iReal Pro" thread

    Hi, Moderator and Gabor,

    I'd like to thank you all so much of the useful information
    on All chords of iReal 2018 a/b chart.

    But I've found questionable info here in
    All chords of iReal 2018 b_gk (part 2).

    QUOTE =======================>
    05-24-2018, 01:39 AM #6 Gabz
    iReal Pro chords and the scale notes they include
    Part 2
    All chords of iReal 2018 b_gk - G.KRISTOF
    <======================= QUOTE

    The C7alt chord here has "1 3 b5 7" notes.
    But IMHO C7alt could have "1 b2 #2 3 b5 #5 7".

    I know not all of these are played at the same instant as a harmony,
    but chosen notes (b9 or #2, and b5 or #5) are (should be) played in fact.
    (there's a further discussion about altered chord in Wikipedia, if you want)



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    So a C7alt is: whack-all-the-black-keys/C ? Ah, jazz.

    I think I saw Jerry Lee Lewis play that
    @ about 2:30 here
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    Default Voicing a dominant 7th alt chord on the piano

    It's a bit more sopisticated than "whack all the black keys." A pianist (at least I would do it this way) would often voice a C7alt chord with the 3rd-7th tritone in the left hand (E and Bb) and the #9 and b13 in the right (D# and Ab), often with the root in the middle; it would look like E and Bb in the left hand and an Ab triad with the Eb on top in the right hand. The "formula" is: the dominant 7th tritone with the b13 triad on top.

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    Thank you Keith!

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    Thanks, you explain very well how C7alt is performed by human player in reality.

    Gabz recipe says C7alt = 1 3 b5 7
    (that is C E Gb Bb)

    While in my observations of C7alt by 8-bar tests,
    - piano, strings in Jazz Long Notes style
    - guitar in Latin Brazil Bossa Acoustic style

    iRP player's C7alt output notes vary frequently (not every time)
    #1 C E Gb Bb Db (1 3 b5 b7 b9)
    #2 C E G# Bb Db (1 3 #5 b7 b9)
    #3 C E Gb Bb D# (1 3 b5 b7 #9)
    #4 C E G# Bb D# (1 3 #5 b7 #9)
    In Bossa guitar, root C is always omitted.
    (actually #2 is not found on the piano)

    I think it would be better the recipe to be updated,
    reflecting the fact of what iRP player plays at C7alt.


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