Hi Massimo and the team. thanks so much for this. I've been using daily this app since the first version. your amazing works much appreciated!
from my experiences using this app, here are few features I thought it would be great to have.

1. Playlist reordering. : could we have option for custom order? like the one on iTunes playlist. when you reorder by artist or title, the custom order is gone. then you click the custom order button (on iTunes), the custom order comes back. This might be helpful when we reordering the playlist by mistake because no way to undo it.

2. multiple selection in playlist.
we know we can drag one song at a time. but also if we could select multiple items, and move up and down together, that would be great.

3. more stability in dragging (in iOS)
sometimes when you drag a song in the playlist for a quite lot then drop it, it losts the grip, and gets back to where it was. I have to use extra caution, or drag it little by little