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Thread: The Shining Sea - Johnny Mandel

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    Default The Shining Sea - Johnny Mandel

    Revised chart to include intro and endings of this gorgeous tune. Check out Greta Matassa’s recording, just beautiful.
    Shining Sea, The - Johnny Mandel

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    Good work.
    I'd chart it like this so I can adjust the number of repeats in the player.

    Shining Sea, The 2 - Johnny Mandel

    Added a double bar at C, changed the Db+7 to Db7#5 recognized by the player. And changed the 2nd song ending to a coda. Since there is room on the page, I added a space below the Intro and above the coda to make it easier on the reader. Changed the final bar-sign to a double bar at the end of the Intro.

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    Thanks for sharing your expertise. I posted it before I saw your second reply, sorry about that!

    Triple F

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    Our goal for forum discussion is not just to arrive at (and only post) a "correct" chart, but rather to show the process and help current and future users get better at it.

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