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Thread: GregH3000 charts

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    Default GregH3000 charts

    Transferring this to another device.
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    Helpful info:
    Thanks for sharing

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    Isfahan SM - Strayhorn-Ellington

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    Pretty sure this is a final cut; just had to make a few minor corrections to get the coda to work. Beautiful tune!

    This ballad is one from the Ellington catalog I had missed. Hodges knocks this one out of the park as usual.

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    Here's how I'd write it:
    Isfahan — SM 2 - Strayhorn-Ellington

    Form: AB (x player setting) coda, final time only
    The repeat brackets, endings, DC instruction and double bar-signs anywhere but the start and end of each section aren't neccessary and, in fact, are confusing. Also the player ignores the alternate chords so I moved the chromatic turnaround to the main bar.

    The sandbox is not archived. The discussion thread for this tune is here:
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