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Thread: Equinox - John Coltrane

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    Here's what CyrilleB wrote when he posted that tasty version:

    Quote Originally Posted by CyrilleB View Post
    Warning: The following chart is not meant for reading purposes. It is designed mainly for IRP to play as close as possible to the original recording. It's basically a minor blues
    I used his chart as an example because of the intro.

    Quote Originally Posted by pdxdjazz View Post
    Great chart CyrilleB!!!
    You deserve a Gold Star. It's amazing how far you can stretch what was initially designed to be a practice tool.
    Your chart is most instructive on rhythmically innovating with the player.
    Here's more discussion of the player-workaround he used to force the rhythm.

    Rob, I'm glad the example was helpful.

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    Unless you have a more sophisticated and more expensive program like Band-In-A-Box, Cyrille's chart is the only way to get the head to sound right.
    .to sound right.


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