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Thread: Suggestions for additions or changes to the Main Jazz Playlist

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    Default Suggestions for additions or changes to the Main Jazz Playlist

    This song Crisis/Freddie Hubbard is already collected
    in Jazz 1350 Standards,
    but its changes seem somewhat questionable.

    I don't know what the source recording is but
    in my humble opinion, for example,
    the 4th bar in B section is missing,
    and the pedal note in A section is missing.

    I checked a few recordings (album/artist(s)):
    - Ready for Freddie/Freddie Hubbard
    - Mosaic/Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
    - High Energy / Freddie Hubbard

    Now I suggest my version here
    (concise style as in iRealPro Jazz 1350 Standards),
    which I rebuilt
    after having referred to these recordings.

    Crisis 2 - Freddie Hubbard
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    Who's Sorry Now (With Verse) - Ted Snyder Bert Kalmar Harry Ruby

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    No major problems with OLD DEVIL MOON, just a few embellishments and changing the main chord riff from a 6 to a dom. 7 which gives it a "Killer Joe" kind of groove with the swing bass irp is playing. Added an intro, too, as per the changes in the Colorado Cookbook (CC).
    Old Devil Moon - CC - Burton Lane

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    UP JUMPED SPRING didn't have a proper C section; it and advises us "D.C. al third ending" instead which seems overly complicated just to save eight bars (although I could see android users appreciating this). Bar 6 in the B section is given as Ebm7 (Sher Music concurs), but Aebersold has it as Db7 (which Sher gives as an alternate). I decided to use the Db7 since Aebersold's transcription of Hubbard's horn line is flawless.

    Up Jumped Spring (Aebersold) - Freddie Hubbard

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    SPRING CAN REALLY HANG YOU UP THE MOST had some issues; I couldn't play through it with the sheet music I had (557 Standards in C), so I decided to transcribe their version. It sounds fine now, but you be the judge:

    Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most - GH3K - Tommy Wolf

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    Here's an attempt to get the intro and breaks into PENT UP HOUSE. I used the chords from the Sher Music version.

    Pent Up House - SM - Sonny Rollins

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    SPRING IS HERE had multiple issues, but suffice to say I couldn't play it through with the music I had. So here's the version from "557 Standards in C" which has some nice voice leading goodies thrown in. Just in time for spring!

    Spring Is Here - GH3K - Richard Rodgers

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    Corrections to the chart Remember by Irving Berlin.

    The two cadences to Ab have the incorrect chords Ebm7b5. They should be Eb7b9.


    Remember -1 - Irving Berlin
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    SPRING CAN REALLY HANG YOU UP THE MOST -- Submitted for your approval, the Sher Music version. I think this chart makes more sense than the previous one I shared (just down this thread a bit).

    Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most - SM - Tommy Wolf

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    BLUES IN THE NIGHT - I corrected two minor errors with the B section and the coda. I mostly used the chords from the Sher Music version, combined with a few from the Colorado Cookbook:

    Blues In The Night - GH3K - Harold Arlen


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