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Thread: Suggestions for additions or changes to the Main Jazz Playlist

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyrilleB View Post
    Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - Charles Mingus
    Nice chart!

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    Equinox - Sher Music 2 - John Coltrane

    The existing version only charts the solo section; this version contains the entire song.
    I noticed a couple of other errors in the transcription of the "Sher Music" version I posted, so I corrected these and renamed this revision Sher Music 2
    Last edited by GregH3000; 08-25-2019 at 04:45 PM. Reason: fixed missing repeat on A section and incorrect time signatures for same.

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    Out of This World - Harold Arlen is missing four bars on second ending, and tries to repeat first ending for third, but in so doing, cuts out four bars.

    Corrected using Sher Music changes:

    Out Of This World -- SM - Harold Arlen

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    The existing chart for ALONG CAME BETTY on the Jazz list leaves out the D section which was on the original LP release of this tune ("Moanin'" album by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers).
    The Sher Music version contains this extra section, so I've designated it that way (SM).

    Along Came Betty -- SM - Benny Golson

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    On Green Dolphin Street 2-0 - Bronislau Kaper

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    Swedish Pastry - Barney Kessel

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    Moonlight in Vermont had a slight bug in it; the two bar coda was not notated as such, so it was playing through each time.

    I made some slight alterations as well as fixing the ending to make it easier to read. I also extended the coda to three bars so that a ritardondo could be faked. The Sher Music chords were used (mostly the same), so that's how I labeled it here.

    Moonlight In Vermont -- SM - Karl Suessdorf

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    Jim - James Petrillo Edward Ross Nelson Shawn

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    I at first set out just to transcribe the Sher Music changes for One For My Baby, then noticed that there was no ii - V7 tag at the end to get back to Eb (A section) from the key of G (C section). So I figured that was enough of an error to include in this thread, although I think the changes, particularly in the C section, sound more distinctive. I also placed the second ending directly under the first to make it easier to read.

    Many thanks to whomever did the original chart; very nice job with a challenging tune.

    One For My Baby - SM - Harold Arlen

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    Tidied up No Moon At All a bit. The chord of the third bar of the A and C sections was listed as D minor when it is clearly major due to an F# note being in the melody line. Second ending was a bit clumsy and hard to read, so I fixed that, too.

    On the Sher Music version, two composers names are given with no designation as to who did what, so I thought it prudent to include both. Also changed the tempo designation to "Medium Up Swing".

    No Moon At All - SM - David Mann, Redd Evans


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