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Thread: Fish On Friday - G. Hohnholt

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    Default Fish On Friday - G. Hohnholt

    This is an original thrash hardcore type of song that I wrote in the mid-80s; I was curious to see how it would sound. Pretty amusing.

    You can hear me doing the song with The Underachievers here [] if you want to compare. (The original ending is a slow blues turnaround which, naturally, I could not program on irp, unless I added another page and I didn't know how to do that.) Cheers, everyone, and thanks for checking it out.

    Fish On Friday - G. Hohnholt
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    Composer name(s) are not enclosed in parentheses in iReal pro.
    Parentheses are used for describing performed by versions as part of the song title or to clarify an ambiguous title.

    Thanks for including the link to your original work.
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    Fixed it, thanks for the heads up.

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