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    Default egoldlink charts

    Adriana (45)

    Individual songs:
    Agua De Beber - Antonio-Carlos Jobim
    Besame Mucho - Consuelo Velazques
    Better Than Anything - Loughborough-Wheat
    Body And Soul - Johnny Green
    Capullito De Alelí - Rafael Hernandez
    Come Fly With Me - Jimmy Van-Heusen
    Como Fue (as sang by Beny More) - Ernesto Duarte
    Cry Me A River - Arthur Hamilton
    Dos gardenias - Isolina Carrillo
    Drume Negrita - Bola de Nieve
    Easy Living - Ralph Rainger
    En Mi Viejo San Juan - Javier Solis
    Everything Happens To Me - Matt Dennis
    Girl From Ipanema, The - Antonio-Carlos Jobim
    I Remember You - Victor Schertzinger
    I've Got A Crush On You - George Gershwin
    It's Always You - Jimmy Van-Heusen
    La Gloria Eres Tu - Jose Antonio Mendez
    Look For The Silver Lining - Jerome Kern
    Los Aretes De La Luna - Juan Carlos Coronel
    Lullaby Of Birdland - George Shearing
    My Buddy - Walter Donaldson
    My Favorite Things - Richard Rodgers
    O Pato - Jayme Silva - Neuza Texeira
    Obsesión - Pedro Flores
    Old Devil Moon - Burton Lane
    Preciosa - Rafael H. Marin
    Se Te Olvida - Alvaro Carrillo
    Só Danço Samba - Antonio-Carlos Jobim
    Solamente Una Vez - Agustín Lara
    Summertime - George Gershwin
    Tangerine - Victor Schertzinger
    That Old Feeling - Brown-Fain
    Till There Was You - Meredith Wilson
    Time Was (Sueño?) - Miguel Prado, S.K. Russell
    Tis Autumn - Henry Nemo
    What A Difference A Day Made - Maria Grever
    What A Wonderful World - Weiss-Thiele
    I've Got You Under My Skin - Cole Porter
    Son De La Loma - Miguel Matamoros
    Sabor A Mi - Luis Miguel
    El Cuarto De Tula - Luis Marquetti
    Chan Chan 1 - Francisco Repilado
    Quizás, Quizás, Quizás - Osvaldo Farrés
    Triste - Antonio-Carlos Jobim
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    Querube - Pedro Flores

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    Nice list.
    Helpful info:
    Thanks for sharing your list

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    Default Flavor club

    Flavor Club (16)

    Individual songs:
    Always Leave - E. Goldlink
    Amelia (Lonely) - E. Goldlink
    Today I Lost - E. Goldlink
    Little Bumble Bee - E. Goldlink
    Grow Old (Unlimited Juice) - E. Goldlink
    Love Yourself - E. Goldlink
    New Love (The Only Love Thats True Love) - E. Goldlink
    Outta Tune Piano (You) - E. Goldlink
    Sleeping In - E. Goldlink
    Just A Couple - E. Goldlink
    Never Been In Love B4 - E. Goldlink
    Dreams 2 Nightmares - E. Goldlink
    Katie - E. Goldlink
    Sarah (Carina) - E. Goldlink
    It Isnt Very Hard - E. Goldlink
    Mia - E. Goldlink
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    Please bookmark or make a note of this thread for your SANDBOX posts instead of starting additional new Sandbox threads.

    It may be easier to add a bookmark while viewing the forums using your browser instead of through the app.
    I added a shortcut to my sandbox thread on my home screen.

    Easier for you, all your sandbox stuff is in one place.
    Just one link to give to others for personal chart-sharing.

    Remember, from time to time admin may delete sandbox posts.
    Use personal email, Dropbox, Drive, cloud, etc. to archive your iRp files and backup(s).

    Because older sandbox threads may be purged, don't rely on the sandbox to add new charts to the forums database. Instead, post individual charts you want to share in the forums' database in the main forums.

    When sharing songs of your own composition, if you can include a link to either an audio file or YouTube, your original chord chart will have some context.

    Thanks for sharing your charts

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