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Thread: Bluestacks wants me to pay for Irealpro again?

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    Default Bluestacks wants me to pay for Irealpro again?

    I just installed blustacks on my PC and everything is working fine except when I go to the google play store, it is asking me to pay for Irealpro again. The weird part is that it lists it as my "already installed app". And when I check the play store, I've already purchased it for the price listed, a while ago.

    I am searching for a solution but I don't see this on any forums either here or in Bluestacks.

    Any ideas? I don't see an option to be in a straight android emulator with bluestacks, it just opens with an option to go to the play store?

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    A few things you can try in Bluestacks:
    - log out of your Google account, then back in;
    - log out, quit Bluestacks, restart it again, log in to your Google account;
    - in Application Manager in Bluestacks, clear the data and cache for the Play Store and Download Manager (or similar according to the emulator). Then restart your device and try to install it again.

    Hopefully something here will help fix it.
    It would more likely be a Google account/Play store error, not related directly to Bluestacks (but where restarting Bluestacks would be similar to restarting the Android device) as other users encounter this with normal Android devices occasionally, so if these do not work, run a similar search for other solutions.

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    I had to use an APK extractor on my android phone and share the APK to my google drive and then download it to my PC. Then I was able to use the Bluestacks install option to install the APK. From my phone I also did a backup to my google drive and opened it with iiRealPro to bring all my songs and playlists into Bluestacks.


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