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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianHayesMusic View Post
    Hey Bob, I seem to be unable to delete the initial post in this thread, “Scale and Comping Exercises.” Is it so that I’m able to delete any post in a thread except for my initial one? The reason it’s an issue is because I’ve updated this particular post and corrected version is located on page 2 of the thread. Having two versions can be confusing for my students. Any help is appreciated!
    Hi Brian
    If you were to delete your thread-starter, doing so would delete the whole thread.
    You can EDIT your thread-starter to change its content.

    You could, for example, copy your updated playlist and replace the content of your earlier post.
    I went ahead and did that for you.
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    Day Tripper - The Beatles

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    Hal Leonard Easy Pop Melodies (2nd ed.) (20)

    Individual songs:
    P04 Can You Feel The Love Tonight? (Country) F - Elton John
    P06 My Heart Will Go On (Country) C - James Horner
    P08 Let It Be (Rock) C - John Lennon and Paul Mccartney
    P09 Your Cheatin' Heart (Shuffle) C - Hank Williams
    P10 All My Loving (Shuffle) C - John Lennon and Paul McCartney
    P11 Love Me Tender (Country) F - Elvis Presley
    P12 I Walk the Line (Country) G - Johnny R. Cash
    P14 Nowhere Man (Rock) G - John Lennon and Paul McCartney
    P16 Stand By Me (Rock) G - Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller and Ben E. King
    P17 Every Breath You Take (Rock) G - Sting
    P18 My Girl (Country) G - The Temptations (Robinson, White)
    P19 We Will Rock You - Brian May
    P20 Dust In The Wind (Country) C - Kansas
    P22 Maggie May (Rock) G - Rod Stewart (Stewart, Quittenton)
    P24 Imagine (Rock) C - John Lennon
    P26 My Cherie Amor (Jazz-Ballad Swing) G - Stevie Wonder
    P27 I Shot The Sheriff (Reggae) Em - Bob Marley
    P28 I Get Around (Rock) C - Brian Wilson and Mike Love
    P30 Walk don't Run (Rock) C - Johnny Smith
    P31 Smells Like Teen Spirit (Rock) Em - Kurt Kobain

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    Hal Leonard Bass Method, Book 1 (12)

    Individual songs:
    36 12-Bar Blues (Shuffle) E - Unknown
    37 A Little Heavy (Rock) F# - Unknown Composer
    41 Minor League (Rock) Dm - Unknown Composer
    42 D-Lite (Rock) D - Unknown Composer
    46 Crossin' Three (Rock) E - Unknown Composer
    56 All Four One (Rock) (E Rock) - Unknown Composer
    57 FX (Rock) (F Mixo) - Unknown Composer
    61 Octave Blues (Med Swing) E - Unknown Composer
    63 Taiwan On (Rock) Bm - Unknown Composer
    66 Tell It (3-4 time) (Rock) F - Unknown Composer
    67 Changin' Times (Med Swing) - Unknown Composer
    69 Rock n' Rest (Rock) (E Rock) - Unknown Composer

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    Hal Leonard Ukulele Method, Book 1 (23)

    Individual songs:
    10 Go Tell Aunt Rhody (Bluegrass) C - American Folk Song
    19 Oh! Susanna (Bluegrass) C - Stephen Foster
    25 Aura Lee (Country) C - Poulton-Fosdick
    26 Wildwood Flower (Bluegrass) C - Carter family (Joseph Webster)
    30 Shortening Bread (Bluegrass) C - Carter family (Joseph Webster)
    31 Little Brown Jug (Bluegrass) C - Minstrel, Old-Time country
    32 Ex. #32 (Bluegrass) C - Carter family (Joseph Webster)
    33 Ex. #33 (Bluegrass) C - Carter family (Joseph Webster)
    35 Ex. #35 (Bluegrass) C - Carter family (Joseph Webster)
    36 Generic Blues (Bluegrass) C - Generic Blues
    37 Strum It (Bluegrass) C - Hal Leonard
    38 Ex. #38 (Country) G - Generic Blues
    39 Oh Wah Uke (Country) G - Generic Blues
    40 Boil Em Cabbage Down (Bluegrass) G - Bluegrass
    43 Waltz Strum (Rock 12-8) G - Generic Blues
    44 Amazing Grace (Country) G - Rev. John Newton 1799
    46 Hush Little Baby (Country) F - Unknown Composer
    47 Ex. #47 (Bluegrass) F - Unknown
    48 Rolling (Bluegrass) F - Hal Leonard
    49 Juking the Uke (Bluegrass) F - Lil' Rev
    50 Down in the Valley (Bluegrass) G - Southern folk song
    56 Paw Paw Patch (Bluegrass) F - Traditional Folk
    57 Skip To My Lou (Bluegrass) C - American game song

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    Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana Nirvana


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