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Thread: Tony Rice songs

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    Default Tony Rice songs

    Tony Rice version

    Old Train - Herb Pederson

    Just thought I would share my first attempt at a backing track. Enjoy.

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    Default Tony Rice songs

    Ginseng Sullivan - Norman Blake (Tony Rice Version)

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    Default Tony Rice songs

    Buttons and Bows Tony Rice Version

    I don't like the way this looks so if anybody wants to fix it please do.

    It's 180bpm but felt in a relaxed 3/4 (90bpm) for the first two measures then 2/4 for the rest.
    I did have it all written out in 4/4 for the A section but when you listen to the phrasing you hear the D- coming in on a strong down beat.
    You'll of course need to listen to the song. It's from The Rice Brothers 2.

    Buttons and Bows _Tony Rice - Unknown Composer

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    Default Tony Rice songs

    R.I.P. David Anthony Rice (June 8, 1951 – December 25, 2020) He was an American guitarist and bluegrass musician. He was an influential acoustic guitar player in bluegrass, progressive bluegrass, newgrass and flattop acoustic jazz. He was inducted into the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame in 2013


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    If anyone is interested in studying mandolin on-line with Matt Flinner, please head over to

    Flinner Tony Rice Jam (10)

    Individual songs:
    Church Street Blues - Flinner - Norman Blake
    Home From The Forest - Flinner - Gordon Lightfoot
    Never Meant To Be - Flinner - Tony Rice
    Old Gray Coat - Flinner - Tony Rice
    Old Train - Flinner - Herb Pedersen
    Ridge Road Gravel - Flinner - Norman Blake
    Sixteen Miles - Flinner - Gordon Lightfoot
    Song For Life - Flinner - Rodney Crowell
    Ten Degrees - Flinner - Gordon Lightfoot
    Likes Of Me - Flinner, The - Jerry Reed
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