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Thread: Android Tablet (new Galaxy Tab) editor - screenshot?

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    Default Android Tablet (new Galaxy Tab) editor - screenshot?

    TL DR
    Can someone please post a screenshot of the input/editing interface on a newer Galaxy Tab?

    Hi, I currently own an iPad that I bought primarily because the interface for editing charts on ipad is super easy. And functional. There are dedicated buttons for chord letters and symbols and you dont have to use the regular keyboard to spell out chords.
    I would like to switch to one of the newer android Galaxy Tablets, but can't bear to use a blown-up version of the smaller phone interface. Has Ireal updated this?

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    iRealPro has a nice tablet interface, though not as nice as on iPad.
    Chords are added with popups.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ah yes, that is the interface I was afraid of. I make charts basically every day, and don't think I could give up the iPad interface (despite loathing Apple products). If the iReal team ever decides to optimize the button layout for Android tablets like they did on the iPad, I will be eternally grateful.

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    I agree that it is suboptimal at best.

    I must admit that I create most songs using a text editor on the PC and them import them into iRealPro...


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