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Thread: File Backup - How to do?

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    Default File Backup - How to do?

    How do you back up songs you have inputted in order to restore if you lose phone, buy another phone, your phone factory resets, etc.? Is there a directory on phone where files are located, where you could periodically copy to your desktop or a cloud location (Google Drive, DropBox, or other)? Does iReal offer a backup feature built into the app?

    I have iReal on Samsung S8. I keyed in 22 backing tracks from "Mastering Modern Guitar".... LOTS of work! I put phone in back pocket during a dog walk, and the phone totally reset, causing me to lose all that work! I guess the screen must have turned on and the rubbing in pocket caused it to attempt 15 logins, at which point the S8 totally reset. AARRGGHH!


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    How to backup on android

    Here's the file you posted so far

    Good reminder to us all to make a backup file regularly.

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    We have built-in tutorials and help.

    iOS and Android:

    (or Help menu on Mac)

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    I've found DropBox to be very good for storing iReal files as well as lead sheets.


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