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Thread: NEED TECH HELP: iRp won't download from cloud

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    Default NEED TECH HELP: iRp won't download from cloud

    HELP! My phone removed the app to cloud as a space-saving measure and I am unable to retrieve it. It says "LOADING" then "INSTALLING" then reverts to the cloud icon. Subsequent tries yield the same result, and I can't find it in the app store. How can I recover this program? Thanks!

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    If someone doesn't offer you a quick fix here, email: directly.

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    Hello, please contact us at support as Bob has said.
    We would need to know what device you are using, OS and iReal Pro version you are trying to install.
    A first thought is, whether you have cleared space in internal memory for it to import into. You could also try restarting your device, just to clear any memory problems.

    Thank you.


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