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Thread: How can I write B-7(b13) ? Can't find it on the program!!

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    Default How can I write B-7(b13) ? Can't find it on the program!!

    Can anybody help me solve this problem please? Of course I don't need to write the b13 in brackets, but still I can't find the way to write it on the score, not even using the text or writing B then adding - then I cannot add the b13. I tried it every way my creativity suggested :-) but didn't succeed. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Hi Eva,
    I can enter the -7b13 quality using the CUSTOM setting found at the top of the 3rd tumbler of the editor in my iPod Touch. You can also type the quality in the Web editor. The Player won't recognize or play that chord, but irb will display the quality you intend in your chart.
    B-7b13 by Unknown Composer

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    Thank you so Much for your precious help, Bob! :-) I' m learning, one step at the time! ;-)

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    I suggest adding 3 chord qualities:
    This one mentioned here, mb9 (minor, flat nine), and diminished-major7. The symbol for this one that I usually use is a circle and a small triangle.
    While I'm at it, I suggest creating a setting similar to "use m or - for minor", for major sevenths, diminished and half-dim symbols: "use triangle or triangle7", "use m7b5 or crossed circle", and "use O7 or O", so as to remove the unwanted 7s in many charts.


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