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Thread: Questions about iRP native files location and naming

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    Default Questions about iRP native files location and naming

    Can anyone advise me about the naming conventions, file extension letters, and location of iRP files on a machine, and specifcally, on a Windows machine using an emulator.

    I would much prefer to search my own local machine file explorer windows for my downloaded native iRP chart files (I actually would keep the names in a database as well) instead of in the forum here.

    Can I do that, and especially, how, on any type of machine.


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    All of your iRp files (charts) will be in the iRp app's library inside the (emulated) android environment in your PC.
    You can display, edit, use, and share your iRp charts only using the app.
    Charts are available for download from the forums (on the web) Charts you download or create are in your chart library within your iRp app. Don't worry about memory, the iRp chart code is very thrifty.
    If you could copy the iRp coded files and save them directly on the Windows side of your PC, they would be of no use to you. You can't open them in windows.
    Example, to email a chart to yourself, you would need to have an Android email app within the emulated environment.
    Using the android email, you could generate a pdf to send to your email on the windows side and store that if you like.
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    Your emulator app might have a facility to (create) nominate a shared folder which both the Windows and Android environment share, so you can put your iReal Pro files in there. This means you can use search on either side of the divide to find any songs or playlists.
    You should be able to use the OneDrive android app within the emulator if you want to use a cloud service (or presumably Google Drive app for Windows).

    Although you can change the filename of song or playlist files, it is recommended to leave them as they are (especially the file extension .html), however you can zip them if necessary, although it would need to be unzipped to be imported.

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    Thanks to both of you for explaining that. I get it. The native files are of limited use and hard to deal with.


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    Yes, you can use iRp to tailor a specific exercise for a student, have iRp generate a pdf and send the student home with a paper chord chart.

    Or... (and) since *everyone* now probably has access to a "smart-device" of some sort, encourage your students to use iRp to download charts you've made specifically for them from your "sandbox" and use them in the app.
    The iRp player beats the socks off a metronome.
    Charts are instantly transposable.
    The player's practice feature can easily and seamlessly slowly speed up a looped section (or entire chart) during practice.

    The list (and the beat) goes on...


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